Three generations of NYULMC Educational Technologies

: The Division of Educational Informatics (DEI) is an educational technology laboratory within the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education of the NYU School of Medicine. DEI supports the goals of the Institute through the discovery, development and validation of new information technologies for medical education and through academic collaborations focusing on novel research and curricular transformation.

DEI Activities

  • Strategic planning for future educational technology requirements and initiatives and active leadership of ongoing curricular transformation projects
  • Working with faculty and learners to facilitate the process of content creation and maintenance, and preparing the institution for the increased use of computer-assisted instruction
  • Working with module, clerkship and course directors and administration to plan the best use of computer-based learning in the curricula and in the drafting of policies for such use
  • Extending applications and developing custom educational software where needed and in accordance with standards set forth by MCIT
  • Demonstrating leadership in educational informatics research
  • Contributing to the development of technologies and standards in the realm of medical educational technology